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Difference between eyelashes of silk protein hair and velvet material

Qingdao Magic Beauty Lashes Co.,Ltd | Updated: Sep 04, 2018

The high-grade silk protein material closest to silk softness is extracted from the snow-white silk spit out from the silkworm. It is a pure natural product. The smelted lash material contains silky luster, which is softer than real eyelashes and inhibits bacterial growth. The advantages of reducing allergies are other animal hairs that are incomparable to ordinary fiber hair.

The velvet hair is the highest-end lash material. It is softer and finer than the water bristles and silk protein hair. It needs to be grafted with the most advanced 6D and 9D technology to create a grafting effect such as edematum. It is suitable for eyelash sparse or special thick. People do it. Grafting of different materials will achieve different results, and animal hair should pay special attention to hygiene inspection and sterilization.

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